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Welcome to Techmonics

Techmonics is the next-generation cutting-edge strategic IT leadership and operational support provider, enabling businesses to transform their IT and leverage upon newer capabilities for optimal business outcomes.

Techmonics offers tailored IT solutions, personalized products and enhanced value to its client’s every time. Our customer service and commitment to serve our partners are unmatched in the industry. Techmonics’s comprehensive and advanced Information Technology offerings include VMware/ Windows, Linux / Unix, PeopleSoft Admin, Development (.NET / J2EE), UI Development, Full Stack Development, Sharepoint Development, Selenium/Automation Testing, Data Scientists Networking, Database Admin, Big Data Hadoop, Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, Devops Engineering, Business Analyst., Project management, Scrum Master and Storage Engineering.

Our extensive customer base spreads worldwide, operating critical their IT systems and networks. Being an industry player for more than 10 years, Techmonics is consistently recognized for its growth and thought leadership when it comes to state-of-the-art IT technologies, products design, IT support and innovative solutions.

Techmonics’s 100% focus on specialized, managed IT services brings exceptional value to customers’ businesses, not only their IT environment. We are a full-fledged, industry leading IT services and support provider.

It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.

Our Comprehensive IT Technologies & Services are Open to All Industries!

At Techmonics, our approach is to provide IT solutions and support characterized by exceptional value, integrity, assurance and innovation, to clients across all the industries, both locally and globally. Our experienced team provides specialized consultation to companies for their specific, complex IT environment where they are challenged to manage their IT technology and infrastructure. We offer tailored, industry specific and progressive outsourced IT solutions and support that enable businesses to grow and gain superior end results.

We follow “Customer First” approach in everything we do & excel to deliver the best IT experience!

Our Mission

To understand clients’ demands and requirements and come up with IT solutions that best optimize their operational performance and efficiency along with achieving IT strategies

Our Vision

To ensure quality service provision, recognize innovative business opportunities and expand Amvotech through integration of innovative and collaborative technologies.

Our Values

Doing things with a difference!
Our passion, dedication and tech savvy minds generate OUT OF THE BOX solutions!

Techmonics- A Home of World-class IT Services & Solutions To Develop & Grow Your Business Seamlessly!

The Industries we Cater

Techmonics is highly diversified in its target market as well, catering almost every industry to fulfill their IT solutions needs, with reliability & confidence. Currently, we have expanded our services to the following industries:

No matter what industry you belong, what scale of your business has, you can always get expert consultation and a free quote instantly. Contact us via phone call or email & start strengthening your business with complete trust & confidence.