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Entity Framework VS Dapper Side by side comparison

By Imran Khan | IT Education | No Comments

Consider the factors that are most important to your application and development team, and use them to make an informed decision between Raw SQL and Entity Framework Core. We can write queries as we usually would with our query filter applied to any Production query. In our OnModelCreating method, we can then apply a query filter that applies to any query performed on the Production entity. Using the model builder interface to combine columns should add to the efficiency of SQL queries. Let’s look at projecting our Movie model into a result that includes characters and actor data. Some folks may want to test against a different engine, for instance SQL Server might be the target database engine, but tests run against a SQLite instance.

advantages of entity framework

It does not support code first support approach and can work with the querying and update through raw SQL. It cannot be used to configure classes and has a set of extension methods for ADO.NET. Entity Framework is an open source ORM that is available as a part of .NET framework. It is responsible to handle the interactions
between the relational databased and .NET applications.

1. EF Core 6.0 Features

Automating the application of schema changes is optimal, as it removes the potential for human error. It’s highly advised not to enable this feature, as navigation properties become opaque mechanisms that trigger unnecessary and costly roundtrips to the database. Since EF Core is no longer tracking entities, EF Core will allocate an entity for the same Actor multiple times.

However, it also means sacrificing some of the convenience and abstraction that Entity Framework provides. Unfortunately, every rose has its thorns, and the Entity Framework is no exception. While it provides developers with an easy way to interact with databases through object-oriented programming, it does have some disadvantages. what is entity framework This saves developers time and effort in setting up their databases and enables them to focus on building their applications. Another advantage of Entity Framework is its support for LINQ (Language-Integrated Query). This allows developers to use C# or VB.NET syntax for querying databases instead of writing complex SQL statements.

Not all databases are equal

Compiled queries are precompiled at runtime and cached for future use, thus improving query execution time. As we can see from the decision matrix, Raw SQL and Entity Framework Core have different strengths and weaknesses depending on the factor being considered. Raw SQL has better performance and flexibility, but lower ease of use and code maintainability. Entity Framework Core, on the other hand, has better ease of use, security, and code maintainability, but may not perform as well in some scenarios. As a final word, the new enhancements to EF Core embrace the database and SQL more than ever, which is why its important that we learn all we can about the database we’ve chosen. Understanding a database engine’s inner-workings and the particular SQL syntax will give developers the most significant advantage, as developers can use that knowledge to optimize around any EF Core limitations.

  • This article covers the famous ORM frameworks, Entity Framework and Dapper, how they work, their advantages, disadvantages, and the summary of their usage.
  • By doing so, you are ensuring that the record being updated or deleted still contains the same values as it did when the process started.
  • These components like DataSet, DataView, and DataViewManager always represent the data on behalf of ADO.NET.
  • At, we believe in providing our readers with useful information and education on a multitude of topics.
  • Overall, while Entity Framework may limit your control over SQL queries, it doesn’t have to limit the performance of your application.

The similarities between each provider might lull us into a false sense of security about the interchangeability of these engines, but it is essential to recognize their differences. There are drawbacks to scaffolding that we can avoid by starting with a Code-First approach. We can define logical relationships in C# that we cannot represent through schema alone; these concepts include inheritance hierarchies, owned types, and table splitting. Additionally, concurrency mechanisms are not reverse engineered by the scaffold command.

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