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High Tech

Techmonics is helping technology industry leaders to thrive in a growingly connected world and meet new demands for enhanced agility. Our expert team is redefining the ways how high tech companies can benefit from latest IT technology and advanced infrastructure to accelerate their business development and expansion.


You are dedicated to take care of your clients and Techmonics is committed to help your business grow and improve in the times of radical change.

Media & Information Service

Connect with and engage your audiences online, on site and on-demand with reliable, powerful and secure IT network and infrastructure. Techmonics’ state-of-the-art technologies, professional expertise and specialized team bring scalable IT technology, services and applications, CDN solutions and more for your media business.


Techmonics’ tailor-made IT technologies and solutions transform Insurance business ecosystems, modernize and incorporate legacy platforms, and introduce newer and advancer capabilities like cloud, infrastructure and digital services.

Life Science & Health Care

From the human science to an automation, industry leaders confidently choose Techmonics to accelerate their shift to streamlined and optimal IT infrastructure, for better and faster healthcare outcomes.


Techmonics securely connects local, state and federal government departments, offices and agencies to collaborate, communicate and serve citizens with responsive and efficient IT services.

Our Services








Our Serve


Techmonics has successfully been helping manufacturing businesses develop leading edge operations and vendor ecosystems, through customized and industry specific IT technologies and solutions.


Techmonics’ high-profile, telecom oriented IT technologies and solutions help telecom businesses simplify communications, drive growth and retain customers.


Techmonics’ energy industry specific IT solutions, technologies and offerings are based on intensive industry experience and profound expertise working with leasing energy companies.

About Us

The drive of a rapidly evolving team, combined with driven individuals all focused on the final goal with no leeway for a quality dip are vital factors for the delivery of IT projects to meet the demands of the day. Vdrive IT Solutions as our name stands is an American based IT consulting firm which focuses on real value addition by motivated and well driven, focused individuals.

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